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Exploration and production, efficiently and responsibly

Integrity of our operations and promotion of social responsibility with respect to all stakeholders.

Wattle Petroleum Company



We are a Colombian company that explores and produces hydrocarbons efficiently with full responsibility in all our activities, committed to sustainability in our operations, care for the environment and conservation of ecosystems.

We follow international standards, national legislation and good industry practices

We do it like this

Wattle Petroleum Company


Learn about our contracting process guidelines at WATTLE PETROLEUM COMPANY S.A.S.

Wattle Petroleum Company


Learn about the different policies adopted by WATTLE PETROLEUM COMPANY S.A.S. on different activities.

Wattle Petroleum Company

Resolution CREG 080 - 2019

Our Company adhere to and comply with the obligations contained in CREG resolution 080 of 2019.

Integrity, respect and teamwork,

as well as the permanent search for excellence, are the values ​​that guide us.
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