Committed to sustainability in our operations, care for the environment and conservation of ecosystems.

Our Company

We are WATTLE PETROLEUM COMPANY S.A.S, a Colombian company that explores and produces hydrocarbons, efficiently and with full responsibility in all our activities.

We are committed to sustainability in our operations, care for the environment and conservation of ecosystems.

Promotion of social responsibility with our stakeholders is really important, this is why we work in partnership with communities and local authorities developing projects and strategies of mutual benefit generating shared value.

Wattle Petroleum Company
Wattle Petroleum Company


We are passionate about responsible and sustainable exploitation of hydrocarbons, our activity is based on the extensive knowledge and experience of the industry of which we are part and with which we satisfy needs, providing a better quality of life to the families that benefit from our product.

Integrity, respect and teamwork, as well as the permanent search for excellence, are the values ​​that guide us.


While performing our activities, we care for the environment, applying comprehensive standards for waste management and efficient use and saving of water, energy and paper.

Every year we perform air, noise, water, fauna and flora monitoring, in order to guarantee as little impact as possible on the ecosystems that surround us.

In accordance with the above, we have established guidelines for entry and permanence within our facilities:

  • Environmental training, according to the company’s environmental model, which includes the solid and liquid waste management program and the program for the efficient use and saving of water and energy.
  • Separation and disposal of solid waste.
  • Obligation to report any aspect that may cause environmental impacts such as: Spills, containers in poor condition, inadequate waste management, misuse of water and energy.
  • Strict prohibition of capturing, hunting, fishing and keeping animals in captivity or commercializing aquatic and terrestrial fauna of any species.
  • Strict prohibition of felling of trees or any plant species without authorization.

Social Responsability

We work in cooperation with local populations in areas of ​​direct influence, developing projects that meet the needs of the communities, offering employment opportunities for unskilled labor, conducting environmental training, health brigades, among other activities that lead to their living conditions improvement.

We join efforts with local authorities on actions framed within their local development plans.

Wattle Petroleum Company
Wattle Petroleum Company

Health and Safety Environment

We comply with health and safety international standards, national legislation and good industry practices.

In this way we manage to anticipate the inconveniences that may arise, protecting personnel in the field, offices, contractors and visitors.

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